Iberian Splash

140 days of being in an official state of emergency and acknowledging that I will not be going on my annual birthday trip at the end of August had me in a real funk these past few weeks. Is anyone else feeling a little drained as well?

I’ve looked forward to this trip every year since I finally decided the constraints of being a girl and feeling like I had to travel with a friend or a boyfriend didn’t apply to me. That actually I love traveling by myself because it has left me open to do whatever I want and making new friends along the way. (This revolution came after a horrible trip with an ex-boyfriend who only wanted to do what he wanted and eventually I went off on my own one night and realized it wasn’t that scary). Any of my lady friends, or even gentlemen friends, out there like going on solo trips?

Well, I had planed to go to Spain and Portugal this year, for my 28th birthday, to visit wineries, art museums, dance (terribly because I can’t dance), and most importantly savor the incredible food while contemplating living out my life as an illegal immigrant in Barcelona… J.K J.K… kind of LOL!

Daydreaming of all this I decided to perk myself up by making a refreshing cocktail with elements of Portugal and Spain! Did you know that Spain has a reputation for having the best Gin & Tonics? Or that “Port” wine can not legally be labeled as “Port” if was produced outside of the Douro Region of Portugal? This refreshing blend of two cultures with a California twist will have you transported to the Iberian Peninsula without the cost of a flight! Enjoy!

-1oz Ruby Port or Port Style Wine

-1oz New Wave Gin (Hendricks or Venus #1)

-0.5oz Grand Marnier

-0.5oz Lemon Juice

-3.5oz Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

-Garnish: Lemon Slice and Maraschino Cherry

Using a jigger measure out the first 4 ingredients in to a glass. Fill the glass with lots of ice (this helps keep everything cold so the ice melts slower). Top off with your tonic water, take a cocktail pick and skewer the lemon and cherry (I always do 2 cherries because I love them), and garnish your cocktail. The most important step is to turn on some tango music and enjoy your trip to the Iberian Peninsula from the comfort of your home. Salud and felicidades!

Notes: You can always add more tonic water to stretch out your cocktail if you are trying to watch how many drinks you have. Opposite that you can also increase the port by 0.5oz to make it stronger and spicer.

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