Spice Up Your Life

-3oz Titos Vodka

-0.5cups Spicy Up Your Life Bloody Mary Mix

-0.5-1oz Lemon Juice

-Seasoning Salt (fine sea salt, celery salt, black pepper, onion powder, harissa powder)

-Lemon wedges

-Garnish: Celery Stick, Mini Dill Pickle, Olive, Pickled Carrots

Pour seasoning salt in to a shallow dish. Take a large glass and run lemon wedge around the rim. Turn glass upside down and dip glass in the seasoning salt. Fill glass with ice and pour in vodka, Bloody Mary mix, and lemon juice. Gently stir. Pierce mini dill pick and olives with cocktail pick. Place in drink along with celery stick and pickled carrots. Add a straw if desired.

Notes: You can use any vodka. I personally like Titos because it is corn based making on the sweeter side (not sugary just less harsh) for a more affordable price rather than paying for a fancy slow or triple distilled vodka. You can also add whatever garnishes you like. I’ll add bacon strips when I make these for large parties!

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